addicted to a certain kind of sadness


once i started talking to this really hot guy and everything was going great which is rare cause im usually pretty shy but then i was so focused on keeping a conversation that i accidentally started explaining how each beatle lost their virginity in full detail and i went on for forty-five minutes and long story short im still single

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So close to my goal.


Okay, so granted that this blog was only started very recently, I have accumulated a small albeit amazing group of followers. I’m almost to my current goal, which is 100. So here’s the deal. When I reach 100 followers, I will promote and say everything that I love about each of my followers individually. Unfortunately, I need to get to that point first.

SO, in an attempt at shameless self promotion, I will tag this post as all the stuff that I post or am interested in or whatever. And if you are interested in my blog/being promoted, then you know what to do :)

(ps- I don’t follow back unless I like your blog sorry)

(pps- I’m probably going to do some type of cool giveaway or promotion or whatever thing every time I reach my follower goals by the way)

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